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"This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper"

TS Eliot, "The Hollow Men"

About This Site
This site is about the possibility of Armageddon - Extinction Level Events. From super volcanoes and mega tsunamis to hypernova and meteor impacts, these are the most destructive forces threatening our planet. Everything you never wanted to know...

This site is NOT about scaring people: youíre about 1000x more likely to be killed in a car crash than you are to die in any way suggested on this site. Iím not even making any predictions, just explaining some interesting science that you probably would rather not hear about. All the articles are based on extensive research of the subjects, but I donít pretend to be an expert. If you think youíve found an error, let me know and Iíll it check up. On the off-chance anything here seems plausible, PLEASE donít go around worrying about it because thereís nothing you can do. Just make the most of your life, because you never know whatís just around the corner.

If youíd like to help fund the siteís hosting by advertising on it (it gets around 60-90,000 hits per month) then please contact me.

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yellowstone super volcano
Yellowstone National Park is a Super Volcano - an eruption could destroy America

asteroid impact extinction
Hundreds of asteroids capable of destroying life pass close to Earth

mega tsunami giant tidal wave
A mega tsunami (a tidal wave thousands of feet high) will one day hit New York

nuclear weapons explosion
30,000 nuclear warheads could be fired at America in a Nuclear War.

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