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Nibiru: Planet X

There has been a lot of talk on the Internet about the possibility of Planet X, a tenth planet, and in particular the devastating effects it could have passing close to Earth. Websites have put forward a vast amount of text arguing for and against this scenario, much of it based on bad science. What I've tried to do is accumulate all the reliable facts I can find and put them together in one place, so that you can make up your own mind.

Please note, this page is neither supporting nor criticizing the scenario put forward. It is simply a collection of the evidence, presented with as little bias either way as possible. I've tried to keep as close as I can to verifiable scientific facts, so if you want the information about psychic communication with the inhabitants of Planet X I can recommend you a lot of other sites. For the rest of you, let's take a look at the evidence:

What is the Planet X Scenario?
The supporters of the theory argue something like this:

In June 2003 'Planet X' will get close to Earth. Its magnetic force will stop the Earth rotating for several days; it will cause huge earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunamis and hurricanes all over the planet. Crops will fail, millions will stave. 90% of the planet's population will die. The force of it passing will cause the Earth's magnetic poles to shift.

Obviously, to suggest this they need good evidence. Do they have it?

What do they claim Planet X really is?
They say Planet X is the tenth planet in our solar system. It is not really a planet, actually a brown dwarf; a small, failed star. They give it a size of 4x that of Earth, but a density of 20x. It orbits our Sun and also a second star in our solar system that they claim exists. It travels very quickly when it passes close to either star, but slowly in between. This acceleration is caused by gravity and is exactly the sort of thing you see with comets - ever wondered why comets orbit our sun but only appear for a few days every few decades?

Are there more than 9 planets in our solar system?
Planet X is the name given to the 10th in our solar system, if one exists. For nearly a century, astronomers have been searching for it. Now, NASA claims they have no evidence for it existing, but admit it is possible. The Planet X scenario requires a large planet, which we would have seen Planet X if it were anywhere near Earth. Instead, they argue that it is normally travelling slowly, a vast distance away.

Dr. John Murray, of the UK's Open University, claims he has found a 10th planet 30,000 times the distance from the sun that Earth is - 3,000 billion miles away. By analysing the orbits of comets, which can travel much further away from Earth than planets, he claims to have 'pretty conclusive' evidence for another planet. He has calculated that there is a 1/1700 chance of there not being a 10th planet. They also give it a mass of between 1 and 10 times that of Jupiter's, which fits nicely with the Planet X scenario. They say it could be a brown dwarf, which is what many people believe the Planet X is.

Unfortunately, for the Planet X theorists, he gives it an orbit time of 6 million years - not the 3,600 required for their scenario. This means that this 'Planet X' is not the one predicted to devastate the Earth in 2003. They also have not given it the extremely elliptical orbit required for it to pass close to Earth.

The normal way in which planets are discovered is by looking at the orbits of other planets. As planets have gravity, they affect the orbits of all the others. For decades, people have claimed that the orbits of the three outermost planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are 'wrong' - that something else is influencing their orbits, another planet.

The IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) is a space telescope that has survey the sky. This is what Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist, had to say, in 1982:

"A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope. All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is".

Since then, NASA has denied the existence of the planet and claimed that the orbits of the outer planets are in fact correct.

What do the Sumerians have to do with this?
Planet X was first recorded by a civilisation called the Sumerians, who were around about 6,000 years ago. They called it 'Nibiru', meaning 'Planet of the Crossing'. They suggested it had a 3,600 year orbit. You may be wondering why so many people are putting so much faith in the observations of civilisation that lived thousands of years before telescopes and computers. The answer is that the Sumerians were incredibly advanced scientifically, correctly calculating the orbits of many planets in our solar system.

At the top, you can see the sun, surrounded by 11 smaller spheres, apparently representing the 9 planets, Planet X and Earth's moon. It is form an ancient Sumerian artefact called the 'Berlin Seal'. You may have heard Planet X referred to as the "12th Planet". This is because the Sumerians counted the Sun and moon as planets.

The Sumerians definitely knew about the first 5 planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and Jupiter, and this suggests they knew of more. However, it would be virtually impossible for the Sumerians to know about Pluto, as it is smaller than any planet's moon and billions of miles away. It was only discovered during the last century, thanks to accurate telescopes observing the orbits of the other planets. It is completely invisible to the naked eye. It has been suggested that their 'Pluto' is far more likely to be a comet.

People have also objected that the relative sizes of the planets appears to be inaccurate. This hardly seems fair, considering that the Sumerians were working without telescopes. The planets they have identified do seem to have approximately the correct size.

If you accept that this is a depiction of our solar system, and the number and size of the planets suggest that it is, then you have to wonder why there is another large planet. Such a scientific civilisation as the Sumerians would surely not invent a planet. They even gave it a name.

It was the Sumerians who gave it an orbit time of 3,600 years. This is one of the most controversial parts of the Sumerian evidence. It was proposed by Zacharia Sitchin, an archaeologist and one of the few people that can read Sumerian. He bases it on this symbol:

It apparently translates as planet, orbit and 3,600. This seems unlikely to simply be a coincidence. The word is also connected with the dynasty of leaders, suggesting they too are affected by the planet. The problem I have with this is how the Sumerians calculated this orbit time. They may have been advanced mathematically and scientifically but to work out the orbit time of a planet that only passes very briefly through out solar system seems almost implausible. 3,600 years is also not a precise number: the Sumerian's used base 6 instead of base 10 for counting. This means that they would use 3,600 in a similar way to how we would use 1,000 - if we said 1,000 we could be meaning 900 or 1,100. This may not sound like a big difference, but it could take it out of our lifetime. It is also important to know that Sitchin himself does not believe Nibiru will return in 2003.

From this, people have produced a diagram of the Sumerian description of the universe (not to scale):

This labels 12 planets - counting the sun and moon as well as the 9 known planets, and 'Nibiru'.

Why do people believe Planet X will cause so much devastation?
In June 2003, they say Planet X will finally start to near Earth after its 3,600 year orbit, passing just 14,000,000 miles from Earth (in space that is not far at all). It would definitely exert a gravitational force on the Earth, but they also say there would be a magnetic force, what they call 'repulsion force'.

As the planet passes these two forces will be opposite to those acting on the Earth from the sun. This would leave Earth as the rope in a tug of war game between the two. This would make the Earth's core, which is the magnetic part, rotate. However, the crust, which is not magnetic, would not be affected. This would make the core rotate, changing the position of the Earth's magnetic poles. This would set off virtually every volcano on Earth and choke the atmosphere with so much ash the sun would be blotted out.

These forces on the Earth would also be so great that the Earth would stop rotating for three days, leaving half of the Earth in darkness and half in day. However this would be gradual - or else no one would survive. For this to be true you would expect a slowing of the Earth already

Are we seeing increased geological activity and is the Earth slowing down?
If changes this severe were caused by Planet X, and this is approaching, we would expect to see more earthquakes and a slowing Earth already. This is happening.

The Earth's rotation is slowing, a phenomenon recognised as scientific fact. It is caused by the friction of the tides. To counteract this, the US Navy, world's central timekeeper, is inserting leap seconds into the clock every few years. This keeps it running as normal. However, this means that if the Earth were slowing for a reason other than tidal friction, such as Planet X, they could disguise this by inserting more leap seconds into the clock. Sound like a Hollywood movie? Make your own mind up.

As for geological activity, someone on my forum provided me with these figures from the United States Geological Survey:

1970 -1974
1975 -1979
1980 -1984
1985 -1989
1990 -1994
1995 -2001
Earthquake Energy per year

The years 1995-2001 had by far the most tectonic activity of any over the last 30. The effects of Planet X were meant to be appearing in the seven years before it past, which would be mid-1996.This data seems to support the Planet X scenario. However, it's worth pointing out that this could merely be chance, and that 2001 just a third of the earthquake energy was released that was released in the year 2000.

It would be interesting to see statistics for volcanoes as you would also expect an increase in volcanic activity. However I could not find any, if you know of some let me know.

Did ancient tribes record the last passage of Planet X?
Reports from many ancient tribes refer to an event that sounds very similar to that of Planet X passing. The Choktaw Indians, Hebrew, Mayas, Hindus, Persians, Sumerians and Egyptians, among others, all refer to events such as 'long days', hurricanes, huge waves and the sun stopping in the sky during the passage of a massive comet. These events are all predicted for the crossing of Planet X. Joshua described a long day. The west Coast Indians, apparently, described a long night. This fits exactly with the Planet X scenario, as when the Earth stops rotation one half would be left in light and one in darkness.

What are the arguments against these predicted effects?
It is this last part of the scenario that I find the most difficult to accept. They have good evidence that Planet X exists and that it may have a 3,600 year orbit. But the suggested effects seem to defy physics:

1. Neither Newton nor Einstein allowed for a significant magnetic factor in the orbits of the planets, and no astrophysicist I know of has since. For there to be this 'repulsion force' they would all have to be wrong. This strongly suggests that Planet X would in fact not have the predicted effects on Earth. Scientists have recently suggested there may be an cosmological 'repulsion force' but one totally different to the one described for Planet X and one that would have no effect on the orbits of the planets.

2. If the core of the Earth did rotate so suddenly it would set off virtually every volcano. This is accepted by the supporters of the theory. However, geologists can trace back volcanic activity and it is a fact that many volcanoes did not erupt 3,600 years ago. If this is true I can't see how Planet X could rotate the Earth's core.

3. If the Earth did stop rotation a lot more than 90% of people would die, even if it were not completely sudden. The Earth rotates at a speed of 1100 miles per hour at the equator- that is the speed you are spinning at this moment. Suppose the Earth suddenly stopped spinning - you would continue at your original speed. An easy way to imagine this is if you are on a train. If you are sanding up when the train slows down, you will go falling forward. This is because your body is trying to continue at its original speed, and the train is now going slower. So you see, if this were to happen at a speed of 1,100 miles per hour I doubt 10% of the population would survive. I would also mean every tree would be uprooted and virtually every building would collapse. It would be like there was an 1100-mile per hour wind, as the atmosphere would also not have slowed down.

If it happened once as I have suggested, life would be virtually extinct. Also, they claim Planet X passes every 3,600 years - clearly either my science is wrong or thing s do not happen as they say. The supporters of the theory suggest that the slowing of the Earth's rotation would be gradual, and it would have to be extremely gradual for life to survive.

Where is Planet X now?
Here is a distance table compiled by Zetatalk, a pro-Planet X website: (The speed column on the right was calculated by me from their data).

(Billions of miles)


The data shows how the planet would speed up very rapidly when it neared our sun, which would explain why we cannot yet see it: at the moment it is supposedly more than 20 billion miles away.

However, there is a problem with these figures: when it passes through the inner solar system it will have a speed of about 7.8 million miles per hour, check this if you want. At the surface of the sun the escape velocity for our solar system (the speed required for an object to stop orbiting our sun) is just 1.3 million miles per hour. This means that if Planet X passed through at that speed it would simply fly out, never to be seen again.

Errors in Zetatalk's figures are perfectly understandable, as they are only predictions, but it would have to travel five times slower than they say in order to stay in orbit.

Why is the date set at May 2003?
This is a very good question. Despite reading virtually everything I can find on the internet about Planet X, no one seems to have given a sensible reason for why that date is set. Considering websites are recommending we flee to the hills with several years’ supplies of food, it would be helpful if they said why this date was when Planet X would be coming. I'm sure many of you, after looking at the evidence, may believe there is a 10th Planet that periodically passes through our solar system with damaging effects but May 2003 seems incredibly precise considering Planet X cannot be seen. The Sumerians give it an orbit of 3,600 years, with a last passage of 1628BC, but this hardly pinpoints a date of May 2003.

What books would you recommend to learn more about Planet X?
If you want to learn more about Planet X, these three books come highly recommended. They go into more detail about the evidence for Planet X and what you should do to prepare. Whether you believe in Planet X or not, they will help you make an informed judgement.

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