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Apocalypse, Near Earth Objects, Virus, Tsunamis, Super Volcanoes, Asteroids, Nuclear Holocaust, Tsunamis, Prophesies

Armageddon - Meteor Impacts - Super Volcanoes - Nuclear Holocaust - Virus Pandemics - Mega-Tsunamis - Planet X - Prophecies - Melting Ice Caps - Alien Invasion

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Meteor Impacts
Mega Tsunamis
Super Volcanoes
Virus Pandemics
Nuclear Warfare
Bible Prophecies
Planet X
Ice Caps Melting
Alien Invasion

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About This Site
This site is about the possibility of Armageddon - Extinction Level Events. From super volcanoes and mega tsunamis to Planet X and meteor impacts, these are the most destructive forces threatening our planet. What you don't know CAN kill you...

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Most Recent Update
4th March 2002 - Article added how likely an Alien Invasion is
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