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Planet X
There has been a lot of talk on the Internet about the possibility of Planet X, in particular the effects it could have passing close to Earth. People have put forward a lot of evidence for this scenario. Most of this information is scattered all over the Net on dubious sources. This article is a summary of the most reliable evidence I could find.

What is the Planet X Scenario?
In late spring to early summer 2003 'Planet X' will get close to Earth. Its magnetic force will stop the Earth rotating for several days; it will cause huge earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunamis and hurricanes all over the planet. Crops will fail, millions will starve.

What is Planet X?
Opinions differ as to what Planet X really is. Despite its name it would not be a planet, it would either be a gigantic comet or a small star. It would orbit the sun and normally be far beyond Pluto. Its mass is difficult to gauge but it is thought to be much larger than Earth and but more dense. Most estimates give it a mass around 4x that of Earth but some say it could be more than 20x.

What does this Scenario assume?
The scenario assumes three things, each of which I will offer evidence for:
1. That there is a large mass at the other side of the solar system that is not one of the 10 planets.
2. That in early 2003 Planet X will pass as close to Earth as it does in its orbit.
3. That Planet X will exert a magnetic force on the Earth that will slow its rotation and cause other catastrophic events.

What evidence is there that it exists?
There are three key pieces of evidence for the existence of Planet X.
1. An object has been seen. In 1982 a NASA statement said 'some kind of mystery object is really there - far beyond the outermost planets'. A year later IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) saw the 'planet'. Some people claim that Planet X can be seen from an observatory. NASA has not revealed some pictures from the Hubble telescope, inviting theories about a government conspiracy.

2. The orbits of the outer planets appear to be 'wrong'. They act as though there were another force pulling them outwards. Every since the discovery of these planets astronomers have predicted the existence of another planet a large mass beyond Pluto that would account for these anomalies.

3. Reports from many ancient tribes refer to an event that sounds very similar to that of Planet X passing. The Choktaw Indians, Hebrew, Mayas, Hindus, Persians, Sumerians and Egyptians, among others, all refer to events such as 'long days', hurricanes, huge waves and the sun stopping in the sky during the passage of a massive comet. These events are all predicted for the crossing of Planet X. The Sumerians called it Nibiru, meaning "Planet of the Crossing".

NASA says that new information about the mass of the planets makes the orbits seem more accurate and they believe the existence of a tenth planet to be 'very unlikely'. However, they do say that beyond Pluto there could be many smaller comets, all smaller than Pluto, in an area like a second asteroid belt, called the 'Kuiper Belt'. They also acknowledge that there is very little evidence against a brown dwarf star orbiting the sun far beyond Pluto. It would be very difficult to see as brown dwarfs are very small and dark.

What evidence is there that it will pass at its closest to Earth in 2003?
Very little that I can confirm. A lot seems to rest on ancient writings - the Sumerians and Hindus both reportedly described a 3,600 year orbit with the last crossing around 1628 BC. This gives an approximate figure of around the turn if the millennium but hardly pinpoints the date at June 2003, as many people claim. I'm sure they must have more evidence for this, but I could not find anything reliable.

What evidence is there for the predicted damage to Earth?
The theory is that Planet X would exert a magnetic force on the Earth. The core of the Earth is magnetic, and this would lead to a slowing down on the Earth's rotation. Eventually the Earth's rotation would stop for a period of around 3 days.

Many people claim that the Earth has been slowing down for the last few years. The between full moons has decreased since about 1995, suggesting that either the moon is orbiting faster or the Earth is rotating slower. The ancient descriptions refer to long days and long nights.

It would also lead to a large amount of seismic activity, as the non-magnetic crust of the Earth would have to slow down to the same speed as the core. Massive volcanoes and earthquakes would be observed all over the Earth. There would also be huge waves and flooding, as the gravity of Planet X would cause massive tides. It is also blamed for global warming. The theory of environmental pollution heating the globe is unproved.

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