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Links - Great UFO site with Roswell, Area 51, abductions and crop circles.
Area 51 Central - Nice site about Area 51, ghosts and aliens.
Apocalypse & Millenium Fever Links - Lots of great Armageddon Links.
Apothecary's Drawer - Collection of 'wonderful and weird' science links.
Clouds of Miriam - Biblical prophecy site predicting Armageddon in 2117/8.
Crawford 2000 - Brilliant site on Planet X and other Armageddon ideas.
Details Here: Niburu - Excellent resource on Niburu / Planet X.
Dark Star - Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Theory - recommended.
Doomsday Clock - Home of the Doomsday Clock pages. Lots of info and links.
Exit Mundi - Superb site on the end of the world. Funny, scientific and very scary.
Exodus 2006 - Lots of info on Biblical prophecies, super volcanoes and comets.
Future's Edge - A site on the future of humanitity.
Heaven Hell Purgatory - Religious site with useful tips on how to go to heaven.
It's the End of the World - Hilarious look at Armageddon.
Lifeboat Foundation - Organisation trying to create 'lifeboats' to us from disaster.
Metamorphosis Sites - Large collection of good links.
Mysteries Megasite - Collection of Armageddon links, mainly religious.
Myth and Mystery - A complete database for the Myth and the Mysteries.
Paranormality - God paranormal site with information and lots of links.
Peter J. Shield's World of Unexplained Mysteries weekly Radio Show
Propaganda Matrix - Fantastic site 'exposing the New World Order'.
Revelation 13 - 'Prophecies of future world events in the new millenium'.
UFO Italia - Cool paranormal site in several languages.
UFO Man - Loads of interesting links.
Unexplained Mysteries - Great site for links about aliens, paranormal and the unexplained.
Weekly Universe - Lots of weird, paranormal

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Top Articles

A mega tsunami (a wave thousands of feet high) will one day hit New York

Yellowstone Park is a Super Volcano - an eruption would destroy America

Hundreds of asteroids capable of destroying life pass close to Earth

30,000 nuclear warheads would be fired at America in World War III
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