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Armageddon News
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This page will be a regular feature with news on world events and how they could trigger Armageddon. In time it'll probably include Wars, meteor near-misses and hopefully some good news too.

8/02/03: Colin Powell has made the case for war with Iraq to the UN. Basically, he accused them of links with terrorists (but did not say they were behind 9/11), provided recording of conversations in which Iraqi troops discuss moving 'forbidden ammo' before inspectors arrive, accused them of developing long range missiles, of obstructing weapons inspections and of attempting a nuclear program. The Iraqis have unsurprisingly claimed it is all faked, but so the did Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Personally, I found the evidence quite convincing but most people I've talked to didn't. Not that it matters, as war now seems inevitable.

28/12/02: Over the last few days it’s becoming likely that North Korea has restarted its nuclear programme. It was termed by Bush as part of an ‘axis of evil’ so it’s no friend of America. The state has reactivated a nuclear plant which the UN has said has ‘no civilian use’ and weapons inspectors have been expelled. Scientists are suggesting they could have nuclear weapons within months, if they do not have them already. If Iraq had done this we’d be in Baghdad by now but North Korea seems to be exploiting world attention elsewhere, much as Hitler once did.

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